Thursday, November 29, 2018

Happy Holidays with Paperless Post

I'm one of those people who has a healthy obsession with Christmas cards. There are not many things in life I'm really on the ball with. In fact, I've learned to let go of perfection in just about every single area of my life. But for some reason, I've got a perfect record for sending out holiday cards 9 out of the 9 years I've been married. I love sending them, and I love receiving them.

Paperless Post reached out to me a few weeks ago and it made me realize what a great option they are for Holiday cards! I've always thought to use them for invitations, but wow, what a great way to send a holiday greeting. Their animated envelope really makes the recipient feel special and the personalized message is a great way to reconnect with loved ones at the end of the year. Not to mention the time and money savings you'll incur by not having to stamp or address them.

I've selected some of my favorite designs to share with you, but there are so many more. Happy Holidays!


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