Friday, March 2, 2018

Wanderlust: Tasmania

Ever since my cousin Kelsey decided to move her little family to Australia for six months, I can't get enough of the land down under. Having grown up by the beach in Southern California, I've always felt an affinity toward Australia as it seems to share a similar vibe to SoCal. Every Australian I've met in my life has been fairly laid back and easy to talk to. Beautiful beaches, sustained economy, outdoor adventure. And the fact that it's just this small island continent out and away from the main hubbub of the goings-on of the world, make it seem wild, intriguing, and appealing. 

Last week, I was made aware of Tasmania, thanks to Ellie Bullen, who was there enjoying a gorgeous dinner on a hemp farm. If Australia seems a little wild in my mind, then Tasmania takes it to another level...look below to see for yourself: towering sea cliffs, wild Tasmanian devils, deserted sandy beaches. Put me on a plane tomorrow, please!

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