Wednesday, February 7, 2018

My Little Valentine

I've always looked forward to having a three-year-old. This month that dream comes true! Since the second she was placed in my arms, I've felt a super special bond with Petra. It's funny how such a tiny human can give you so much strength. In the last year, Petra's shining, fun-loving, independent personality has really come out and it's so fun to see, although frustrating at times too. Ha! There is nothing like having a toddler repeatedly ignore, defy, and disobey you to teach you that the best way to connect with someone and get them to listen to you is to slow down and listen to them! 

Since Leland's arrival, I've learned that it is extra important to give Petra quality one-on-one time when I can: get down on her level, get in her world. This often results in singing and dancing to Disney songs. She's on a big Beauty and the Beast kick lately and her favorite thing is to recreate the "Tale as Old as Time" ballroom scene...she mimics the choreography from the movie and it's super freakin' cute to see how serious she takes it. 

A few months ago, I was really struggling with having a two-year-old...the terrible two's are real, people! Then one morning at the park as I watched Petra's pigtails bounce around from slide to slide, I had a realization that changed everything. I realized that for the rest of my life during major life moments, like Petra's graduation or wedding day, I'm going to think back on her as a little girl and wish for those days back. For the next sixty years or however long I'm lucky to live on this earth, I will wish for these next few years! But RIGHT NOW, I get to live them! So I am going to enjoy the heck out of them. 

Eliminating distractions so that I can be present with my kids makes all the difference in my ability to enjoy my time with them and be a better Mom. Everything from phones to clutter around the house to even the clothes that I wear can be a distraction. I love this shirt from Cleo Madison for how long it is in the back! As a Mom, I'm constantly living with "crack potential" (ha!): bending over, sitting on the floor, squatting down. It seems so insignificant but wearing clothes that cover up my lower back makes a big difference in my overall stress and comfort level, resulting in a kinder, happier Mom.

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