Thursday, October 22, 2015

Petra's Nursery

Petra art print c/o Rifle Paper Co

As we've spent the last 8 months figuring out a new city, adjusting to a "non-travel" life, and running a new business, our lives have often felt muddled, with loose ends in just about every direction I look. While the chaos of life has felt completely overwhelming at times, I have been so grateful for this little space of earth, Petra's nursery, where everything feels right in the world. Petra is such a blessing and I want to remember this little corner of our house where so many joyful moments have occurred with our little girl.

There are still unfinished elements (like the hanging light I want to paint gold and the curtains I'd like to add), but I'm not sure if they will ever happen and I didn't want to miss the chance to document this space just because it's not "perfect". If there's one thing I'm learning since becoming a mother, it's that perfection is not something I create, it's a moment that happens when I'm in the right mindset.


Petra art print - Rifle Paper Co
Crib - IKEA
Stuffed Elephant - Chatuchak Weekend Market (Bangkok)
Rug - Target
Dresser - craigslist find (re-painted white)
Mobile - DIY (from this tutorial)
Blankets on chair - IKEA
Hanging light - IKEA
Wooden elephant - somewhere in India
Frames - IKEA and Target
Heart print - DIY inspired by this Fluoro Heart Print
Bangkok print - Rifle Paper Co


Tanya Parker Mills said...

I'll have to be sure and share this with Allison, if she hasn't seen it already. She and Adam loved their visit with you guys!

MaryClaire Brown said...

I heart this.

Brendon said...

Beautiful post.
It was fun meeting sweet, beautiful Petra.


Ana Roser said...

Superb! I like this post with all those images as well. My kids are studying in Mosaic Nursery which is situated in Dubai. This is a nursery with very big rooms and maximum 16 kids per class. There are well qualified teachers and they do creative activities. Thanks!