Friday, January 30, 2015


{View of the Bay of Bengal in Chennai}

When I think back on our time in India, I think to myself, "what a trip". I've never done drugs before, but I think a 3-month stint in India would satisfy just about anyone's desire to remove themselves from the ordinary and experience something totally and completely different. For my first few weeks in India, I was completely enamored and mesmerized by the country. Sure, there were piles of trash and cow pies in the streets, but the colors were so vibrant, the smells so fragrant, and the people so warm. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced before yet oddly I felt a sense of familiarity also. After about a month, the wear and tear of seven hour bus-rides, non-air conditioned trains, and over-friendly crowds of people started to get to me.

After month one, India seemed to play a game with me: it would give me a horrible, disgusting experience that made me want to leave the country immediately, then it would follow it up with an incredible, enlightening, delicious experience that made me want to stay forever. In some ways, it felt like an abusive relationship. After two months traveling through India at a very rapid pace, we started to slow down in month three (mainly, I think we were enjoying the cooler weather of the North) and did our best to savor our last weeks in such a unique, special, vibrant country. 

I have so much to share about India...we visited more than 40 cities and I'm still processing all that we learned and saw there. For now, I'll share a sampling of photos from our time there.  

{Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur}

{Cool guy who then turned into a creepy guy on a bus somewhere between Palitana and Ahmedabad}

{Thali meal served on a banana leaf in Rameswaram}


{Elephant crossing at Mysore Palace, Mysore}

{Niligiri Mountain Railway, on the way to Ooty}

{Sikhs at the Golden Temple, Amritsar}

{Buddhist monk in Kushinagar}

{Amber Fort, Jaipur}

{Jodhpur: "the blue city"}


{Kerala backwaters in Kollam}

{On top of Victory Tower at Chittorgarh Fort}

{Golden Temple, Amritsar}

{King of the road, Jaisalmer}

{A sampling of the many friendly Indians you'll meet while enduring hot temperatures, long stops in the middle of nowhere, and cramped quarters on a secold-class Indian train ride}

{Fruit vendor in Kanyakumari}

{Dawn boat ride on the Ganges, Varanasi}


Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos!

Lee Sydney said...

beautiful photos!
the train ride looks like fun
my faves are the blue city and also the last pic!