Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Phongsali, Laos

After our incredible, beautiful, breathtaking 8-hour bus ride from Muong Khoa, we arrived in Phongsali, Laos. Phongsali was a little bit bigger than Muong Khoa, but definitely still had a very small-town, peaceful vibe. 

One thing I learned quickly about Laos is that there are a lot of hills. Both riding buses and walking throughout towns, you will encounter hills to pass through. This can be a little tiring at times, but it also makes for some incredible views (and cooler temperatures--so refreshing after enduring such humid heat in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam).

Phongsali has a decent-sized market and a large stupa at the top of a hill. We loved exploring both of these, including some delicious pound cake and banana muffins from the market!


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