Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Two Months In

{Picture taken on the bridge in Hoi An, Vietnam}

We're two months in to our grand adventure and I must say I'm feeling so much more comfortable with this travel lifestyle than I was when we first started this journey. Traveling with a partner, especially one that is your spouse, has its own challenges and we've definitely had to figure out (fast) the best way to communicate and enjoy this trip together so we don't kill ourselves. Haha. We have our fair share of disagreements but we also get over them and find solutions quite quickly because we have to. While there are challenges to being with the same person all day everyday, there's no one I'd rather share this journey with and I'm so grateful for the chance we have to experience new things and learn and grow together. 

Since the last monthly check-in, we've visited Cambodia and now, Vietnam. Both have been incredible. Overall, I've been amazed by seeing and experiencing for myself just how many people there are in Asia (more than half the world). Of course, I've always known that the population in Asia is massive, but to see it and experience the masses of people all going about their daily lives is a different thing. It's such a huge part of the world that has it's own different but very routine (for them) way of doing things. It's crazy to see how what you thought was so normal for so long in your life can seem so strange to half of the world. Man, perspectives. And what once seemed crazy to me is so normal for everyone in Asia. 

One thing I can say to summarize my time in Cambodia and especially Vietnam is that I'm so grateful for a pure, (mostly) uncorrupted government in the United States that practices democracy and capitalism! Socialism doesn't work. Ay! 

We've got another couple weeks in Vietnam and then we'll spend some time in Laos before going back to Bangkok to plan out the next "leg" of our trip. 

I'm so thankful for all our friends, family, and readers who are supporting us from afar. We can feel the love and it is much appreciated. As a summer-loving girl, I definitely miss being away from California this time of year, but I'm so glad for this opportunity to travel this part of the world that I've always had such a curiosity about. We love you all and hope you're enjoying a great summer (or winter) wherever you are!

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Anonymous said...

Finally I decide to read your blog to see how interesting your journey is. Amd woah, i is very inspiring, I am so inspired by your travels. Once I get married I want to take a year off from work to travel the world with my spouse, that would be interesting journey I guess.
Good luck for your next trip.. Cannot wait to see and read your experience in Indonesia. I am (stil) waiting fro you. Haha

Ps: I am one of your followers on Instagram.. my id is: @fefianist)
Enjoy your trip, dear :)

Greeting from Jakarta,