Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sriracha Tiger Zoo

The Sriracha Tiger Zoo, about two hours outside of Bangkok, was an interesting experience. I love love loved the opportunity to see tigers up close and marvel at their beauty (they are incredible!), but I was a little saddened seeing them behind cages and especially watching them perform "tricks" for a trainer with a giant, prodding stick in front of a huge group of camera-holding tourists. 

In addition to tigers, this zoo had elephants, crocodiles, pigs, camels, water buffalo and the biggest rodent in the world (ew, I know). Here are some of my favorite pictures of the animals. 

And here are the pictures that tell the true story of how these animals are used to entertain and turn a profit. 

{Stupid animal tricks or stupid human tricks? Not sure.}

After we watched the shows, we planned to walk around and see the animals close, but something interesting happened which is a supreme example of the way businesses are run in America versus Thailand. Technically, the zoo closed at 6PM, but by 5, we literally found ourselves in a deserted zoo wasteland. All the shows were over, all the big tour groups had left, and all of the stores and food vendors had closed up and gone home. We found this mildly hilarious and took the opportunity to enjoy some fun surrounding all the cheesy statues and signs around the park. 

WARNING: lots of random, cheesy, immature pictures below. 

{Me, pictured with the largest rodent species in the world at over 100 pounds. Clearly, I am not happy about this new knowledge.}

Thanks Sriracha Zoo for a random, funny, happy, sad day!

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Erica Crismon said...

haha i love you two! if you can't be silly and immature sometimes then i just don't wanna be your friend.