Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Road to Koh Ngai

I thought it'd be interesting to explain exactly how we got to the beautiful island of Koh Ngai. Lots of people dream of being on an isolated beach somewhere in the middle of nowhere but not a lot of people think about what it actually takes to get there.

Last Tuesday, we left our apartment in Bangkok and rode the subway, then the skytrain where we got off and walked to a friend's apartment to drop off the apartment key. Then we took a cab to the train station where we hoped to take a night train to Trang, the nearest big city to the islands we wanted to get to. Unfortunately, that train was sold out, so we jumped in another cab and went to the Bangkok bus station. Finally, we purchased tickets for an overnight bus out of Bangkok. 

The bus was a double-decker and we slept surprisingly well. In the morning, we arrived at the Trang bus station where we took a Tuk Tuk to the Trang train station. 

From there, we got information from a travel agency about a minibus that goes to the Pakmeng Pier. So we walked a few blocks to the minibus station and hopped on. 

Then, we boarded a ferry to get to Koh Ngai. (As I wrote about earlier, we ended up enjoying an all-day snorkeling excursion on this ferry which was awesome.) 

At the end of our snorkeling excursion, the ferry drove us to Koh Ngai, but since it was such a big boat, it couldn't make it all the way to shore, so we transferred to a longtail boat, which took us the last remaining kilometer or so to our final destination. 

We were finally there. Paradise at last. 

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Japolina said...

This post was like "The amazing Race" show. Looks like fun!