Monday, May 19, 2014

The Andaman Islands

After our hot stop in Bangkok, we headed south to check out the gorgeous, incredible, beautiful Andaman islands. What started out as a quick ferry ride to get to our desired island turned into an all day snorkeling/beach/island expedition. About 30 minutes into our boat ride to Koh Kradan, we realized we were on a 4-island day tour with about 40 other Thais so we just decided to stay along and it was great! Brad and I were the only non-Thais on the boat and I was the only non-Thai speaker.

We snorkeled at some great coral reefs and saw so many beautiful, neon-colored fish. SO many fish! I have never seen so many congregated in such a small area, just swimming all around me.

We also visited Emerald Cave on Koh Mook, which was an awesome experience. I don't have a waterproof camera, so words will have to suffice to tell the experience. Emerald Cave is a small beach in Koh Mook that is only accessible by swimming through a cave. To get there, everyone on our tour formed a human chain in the water with each person hanging on the the life jacket of the person in front of them, while a guide swam and pulled us through the ~500-foot tunnel. At some points it was really dark and kinda scary. Brad and I both felt like we were on some type of Disneyland ride. Eventually, we made it through to a small but beautiful beach with luscious green forestry all around. If you looked up, there was a complete circle all around you. Pretty freaking awesome. 

After our day tour, the ferry transferred us to a longtail boat which took us to Koh Ngai, where we would stay for the night. We arrived at low tide (about 3pm), hopped off the boat into about a foot of clear, blue water and waded about 100 yards to the shore with our backpacks in tow. What a dream! 

We dropped off our bags at our hotel and immediately took a walk along the water to explore the beach. The Thai islands are uniquely beautiful with their massive clifflike geography, making them jut up out of the water, unlike anything I've ever seen before. It makes the whole scenery feel magical and dreamy. 

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