Friday, May 16, 2014

Snapshots of Bangkok

On our first full day in Bangkok, we decided to do a walking tour of several temples and sites in the old district. Due to a needed trip to the Thai Travel Clinic, we got a late start. After some amazing street food at Victory Monument and a crazy scooter taxi ride winding through Bangkok traffic, we found ourselves on top of the Golden Mount (which is beautiful) right in the middle of the day. And that's when the battle with the heat began.  

Brad and I have developed a saying throughout our marriage called "Buck up." We pride ourselves on being able to endure challenging things to seek great rewards. 

We continued on to a few more temples, all of which had such stunning architecture and peaceful ambiances, until we found ourselves on Khao San Road (also known as backpacker central). After walking through sun-soaked alleys of cut-out tank tops and dreadlock hair extensions, we ducked into a shaded street vendor and stopped. We both tried our best to communicate and figure out our plan for the rest of the day but due to the pounding heat that had made our bodies sweaty and our minds exhausted, we just couldn't. It was all I could do to hold my glistening, sweat-dripped hand in front of Brad's face to show him just how hot I was. Luckily, he got the picture and after a quick stop for 80-cent Pad Thai, we made our way back to our air-conditioned apartment.

Luckily, our plan was to get down to the southern islands as soon as possible and we were headed there the following day. We'd get back to Bangkok in a couple months and would finish the sight-seeing then (in cooler temperatures).

{Notice, the nice glisten coming out of every pore of my body...trying hard to crack a genuine smile for the camera.}

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