Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Girls Weekend in Palm Springs

Last weekend, a few girlfriends and I got away for a quick trip to Palm Springs. We booked our room through Priceline's Express Deals, and ended up at the Riviera Palm Springs, which was a perfect hotel for what we wanted (our main requirement was a great pool). The decor of the hotel had a swanky vibe to it that felt fancy -- perfect for a girl's getaway. 

We ate dinner at Las Casuelas Mexican restaurant which had an awesome outdoor courtyard patio with a live band playing! After dinner, we headed to Great Shakes for dessert, which is the cutest family-owned gourmet shake shop, offering the most delicious shakes in just about any flavor combination you can imagine. The shakes were divine but what really won me over was the incredibly friendly and happy staff (and the abundance of candy options at the front counter). Oh, and the mini donuts that come wrapped around the straw of your shake -- I almost died at the cuteness of that precious little donut. 

After a full day in the sun, we stopped by Woody's Burgers before heading home and wow, we all could not stop talking about how amazing these burgers were! I ordered the Western Burger and the way that onion ring collided with the meat patty when I sank my teeth into it was pure perfection! We must have been hungry because there was not a lick of food left on our plates when we walked out of that place.

I'm so grateful for the friendships I've developed with great women over the years. When you're married, it's easy to rely on your spouse for just about all of your conversational and social needs. But I've learned that it's important to be able to connect deeply with other women too. That female connection makes me a more balanced person -- a better wife and a happier person.  


dxeechick said...

Palm Springs is THEEE BEST for girl trips! :)

Elizabeth Ferrer said...

lindas fotografías :)