Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Sunday

1. ASOS High Low Hem Maxi Dress - $103.48
2. J. Crew Jeweled Pearl Earrings - $45.00
3. ASOS Vine Headband - $15.05
4. ASOS Pleated Midi Skirt - $75.26
5. ASOS Warehouse Crepe Midi Dress - $56.44
6. J. Crew Flower Petals Necklace - $128.00
8. Cadbury Mini Eggs - $16.65 (pack of 4)
9. Sam Edelman 'Dustin' Pump - $129.95

I've always loved dressing up for Easter Sunday. It seems that there's less and less reason these days to wear a skirt and heels, so when those opportunities do come up, I embrace the chance to put my best foot forward. On Sunday, I'll be singing in a choir for my church services and then eating an Easter dinner with my family, who I love so much. Oh, and Cadbury Mini Eggs. It's not Easter without them. 


Gentri said...

Love everything! This is all so beautiful! Easter Sunday is always so fun to dress up for

Japolina said...

I adore the headband

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

So lovely, Happy Easter!!!

Felicia@Spicy Veggies said...

Ooooo! Love #4 and #7.