Thursday, September 26, 2013


Pants: Target, T-shirt: Target Shoes: Target, Glasses: F21

It's that time of year when the weather can't quite make up it's mind. Some days it's as hot as Hades and other days, it's cool, crisp, and windy. I want to wear scarves, hats, and sweaters, but it's just not quite cold enough for that yet. Enter ankle boots--it's the one way I can welcome fall sartorially without unnecessarily overheating myself. Plus, boots are durable enough to allow you to climb on stairway railings. Cuz that's totally normal. Huzzah! 

In other ramblings, I'm totally digging this song, craving this drink, and loving this bedroom.


Bekuh Browning said...

Love this outfit, it's the perfect casual day uniform. I too am all about the ankle boot these days.

Spicy Veggies said...

I know! The South Bay is great but it's like a guessing game every morning about what to wear. I made the mistake of wearing a sweater on one of the "colder" days and was sweating bullets through it.

Emmett Katherine said...

you are too cute! I love this outfit and your laid-back aesthetic!