Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fiesta Hermosa

Twice a year (Memorial Day weekend & Labor Day weekend), Hermosa Beach puts on a big party called Fiesta Hermosa. It's mainly an arts & crafts fair that features hundreds of local artisans selling their goods. You can find just about anything from photography to clothing to sculptures to handmade soaps and candles. We even spotted two booths selling Nacho Libre masks (what the what?). In addition to the wide selection of artsy goods, there's also an amazing food section which fills the air with the most wonderful smells of delicious, grilled food and tasty snacks (my favorite is the fresh guacamole stand). Add to that a great little carnival section with rides and games for kids and a petting zoo and you've got yourself a nice, little hometown beach vibe. Although the majority of vendors remain the same from year to year, it's become a summertime tradition for Bradford and I to wander through the crowded walkways and take a look at not only the items being sold, but the people buying them. We usually top it all off with a day at the beach. It's a fairly simple tradition, but it's one that we love. 


Laura said...

Aaaaw, that petting zoo looks so cute! xoxo

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

What fun!

lisa said...

Love your photos and super jealous you live by the beach! What a fun weekend!

BKCsquared said...

How fun!!! As always I find out about cool things going on in Southern California when it's already too late!

I'll have to go next year!

xo, B

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