Friday, August 23, 2013

Under the Sea at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium was definitely one of the highlights of our trip for me. We were a little shy to pay the $35 per person admission fee, but the second we laid eyes on the Jellies exhibit, we were mesmerized. The free-flowing colorful jellies were just so beautiful and relaxing to look at. But then, we walked into the Open Sea exhibit and were completely blown away. We probably could have stood in front of that 90-foot window for the entire day. The giant tank showcases sharks, tuna, sardines and sea turtles all glazing past the glass, just inches away from your face. We were immediately enamored, intrigued, and amazed and pretty much stayed that way throughout our entire tour of the aquarium.

I feel like I only captured a fraction of everything we saw, but I hope you'll enjoy these pictures and perhaps be inspired to visit an aquarium or learn more about oceans and marine life. 

When we entered the Open Sea exhibit and walked up to the 90-foot glass window, I saw a school of massive tuna glide past the panel and excitedly whispered to Brad, "Is this fake?" I think I then squealed with more excitement as I walked closer to examine these marvelous creatures up-close and personal and realized they were real. 

^^ The whole time there I found myself singing this Beatles song in my head. (PS... click here to see one of my all-time favorite on-stage performances which happens to be set to this song.)

^^ No, this is not a piece of seaweed. It's a seahorse!

^^ Monterey Bay

I'd like to end this post with a short photo series I call "Bradford Looking at Things."

*This post is part of a series chronicling our two-week road trip vacation through California, Utah, and Nevada. Click here to read about our other road trip adventures: 


BKCsquared said...

K & I used to frequent the Monterey Bay aquarium on our way to Carmel with our parents every summer! Since moving to LA from AZ, I have yet to make the trip up there! I'm sure it's WAY better than the Long Beach aquarium, though!

xo, B

Mickelle McCrory said...

awesome! Duke and I are going to be driving all the way up the california coast in oct so we'll have to stop here.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Gorgeous pics! I loooove aquariums!!!!

lost in travels said...

wow that looks so awesome! I love looking around aquariums! next best thing to seeing it in the wild!

Stephanie P said...

I LOVE that aquarium. I have been there many times in the past. Love your blog!

Hippy At Heart said...

yes, please!! monterey bay aquarium is brilliant! made a long way from europe to cali and visited the aquarium and loved the jelly experience! hope to go back there one day

Amanda Mércuri said...

Seja bem vinda! ;D

Ótimo domingo!

Beijo! ^^

Erica Crismon said...

LOVE this post. You know I am a fellow aquarium enthusiast. And the Bradford looking at things series Bradford!

And the new blog layout looks good!