Monday, August 12, 2013

Nectarine-Plum "Red Velvet" Smoothie

The other night, Bradford asked me to make a smoothie with a bunch of plums that we had on hand because he didn't want them to go bad. I resisted his suggestion at first because I didn't think plums would taste very good in a smoothie. Boy, was I wrong! I was so pleasantly surprised with how this smoothie turned out. It was rich and fruity and wonderful. While we were drinking, I asked Bradford what he would name this smoothie and he thought for a second and said, "Red Velvet". While the name might be a little misleading to someone expecting a chocolate-y treat, it's actually not a bad description of the drink. It's red and the texture is, well, velvet-y. I hope you enjoy. 

Nectarine-Plum "Red Velvet" Smoothie
Yield: 2 large smoothies
Time: about 10 minutes


2 nectarines, pitted
3 plums, pitted
3 large spoonfuls Greek yogurt
1 banana
1-2 cups frozen tropical blend fruit (I get this frozen fruit mix at Costco and it has mango, papaya, pineapples, and strawberries)


Place all ingredients in a blender, making sure the nectarines and plums are added first. (This will help it blend better as it will create a solid juice base). Blend very well. Pour into a glass and enjoy!


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Ashley said...

Ok this looks delicious!! I am going to make this asap!

Sincerely Miss Ash

Anonymous said...

Mmm, this looks so good! I definitely have to try this :) I always forget about plums!

Mickelle McCrory said...

I would have never thought of plums or nectarines in a smoothie! looks delish!


Charity said...

That looks so yummy. I so want a smoothie right now at midnight. But I think my neighbors would totally mind!

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