Thursday, August 15, 2013

Muir Woods, Golden Gate Bridge, & Bob's Donuts

Muir Woods is a Redwood preserve just outside of San Francisco and it really is a magical place. I've grown up in California my whole life and always felt a fondness for our state tree (perhaps due to the comparison I often received due to my height), yet I had never seen a Redwood in person until this trip. This really was one of my favorite places of the whole trip. Being surrounded by such tall, magnificent trees really just makes you feel safe and peaceful and grateful. It is just so beautiful to be surrounded by those Redwood trees, I could have stayed there all day. 

^^ Thank you iPhone for this panorama picture. To get the most realistic effect of what it feels like to stand in front of a Redwood, start at the bottom of this image and scroll up.

Next, we ventured into the city to drive down Lombard Street (best hill ever!) and visit Bob's Donuts. I already talked about my love for the Golden Gate bridge, but here are some more pictures of the beauty just for good measure.

Next, it was time to try Bob's Donuts. I had heard about this place from Pinterest or Instagram or something and it took a little convincing to get Brad to agree to go, but let me tell you, he was just as excited as I was with this awesome bakery. Scroll down and you'll see why.

^^ Yes, this is a giant maple donut the size of my face. And, yes, it was delicious!

*This post is part of a series chronicling our two-week road trip vacation through California, Utah, and Nevada. Click here to read about our other road trip adventures: 


S said...

Amazing photos!!!!
I'd love to visit these places!


Oliva Ins said...

Omg I am sooooooo jealous !!!!:) I would love to do trip like this !!!!! :()))) the Doughnut looks soooo delicious <3
Come and see me too on:

Afina blog said...

Hi, dear! I followed you back! Nice pics with high trees! And I love your look)

Grace said...

ahhh, I am SO jealous of all the travelling you have been doing! I loved San Fran when I visited and feel like I need to go back to witness this HUGE doughnut. I have followed back :)
Grace xxx

lucia m said...

i love sf! one of my favorite cities!



Charity said...

I love it. Perfect use for a panoramic camera. I feel like I was there. Also that donut! My goodness was it soft?

Mickelle McCrory said...

great pics. and that donut is insane

LaurenMarie said...

Haha! that looks so yummy! More like a meal than a little treat :)

Misha said...

That is the biggest donut I have ever seen! Wowza!

And the biggest trees.: ) I love your caption to go with the iPhone photo, it really does help to get a 2D effect of their expansiveness. I'm glad that you wrote that because it is an interesting way to view it!