Wednesday, July 3, 2013

French Toast Roll-ups

If Stuffed French Toast and Churros got married, they would make a beautiful baby called French Toast Roll-ups. This delectable breakfast treat is a simple yet delicious idea that makes breakfast more fun. Isn't food always better when you can eat it with your hands?

French Toast Roll-ups
Yield: 8 French Toast Roll-ups (about 3-4 servings)
Time: about 25 minutes


8 slices soft, sliced sandwich bread
Peanut butter, jelly, nutella, cream cheese, dulce de leche, or any other delicious filling you can think of
2 eggs
3 tablespoons milk
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 heaping teaspoon ground cinnamon
Butter, for greasing the pan
Maple syrup, for serving


Trim the crust from the bread and flatten it with a rolling pin. Place 1-2 teaspoons of your desired filling an inch from one end of the bread and spread it across in a straight line. Roll the bread up tightly and repeat until all bread slices are complete.

In a shallow bowl, whisk the eggs and milk until well combined. In a separate bowl, mix the cinnamon and sugar. Melt one tablespoon of butter on a skillet set over medium-high heat.

Add rolls to the egg mixture and coat on all sides. Immediately transfer dipped rolls to the hot skillet and cook until lightly browned on all sides. Use tongs to turn. Add more butter to the pan as needed. Immediately add hot rolls to the cinnamon-sugar mixture and roll until completely covered. Serve with maple syrup for dunking.


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Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!! This looks like the most delicious thing in the world!