Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fine Dining in Santiago, Chile

While in Chile, I had the chance to experience some pretty great cuisine. I'm usually more into cooking new foods, but this trip gave me a chance to taste new foods that were way out of my normal palette experience, including SEA URCHIN! Yes, I tried sea urchin and it tasted like the ocean. In Chile, they serve a lot of seafood and Peruvian food is also very popular. Traditional Chilean food is fairly bland so a lot of the restaurants incorporate different influences into their cooking making for a unique experience wherever you go. 

{Scallops in Seashells from Astrid y Gaston}

{Salmon Ceviche from Estro}

{Can't beat room service - not sure how "daring" these waffles are but they sure tasted delicious!}

{Lamb with Squash Ravioli from Astrid y Gaston}

{Flaming fish in butter sauce at Hanzo}

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