Monday, July 29, 2013

Bubblegum Alley, San Luis Obispo, CA

We are back from our epic road trip! On Sunday evening we cruised in to Hermosa Beach and felt like we were seeing home with new eyes. We saw and did so much in just 2 weeks. It's amazing the beautiful places and experiences that exist so close to home, just a road trip away. Over the coming weeks, I'll try to share some highlights from our trip, starting with today's post. Bubblegum Alley is a landmark in San Luis Obispo, California where residents and visitors to the city stick their chewed-up gum to an ever-growing wall of bubblegum. It's disgusting and fascinating all at the same time. 

Pants: Target, Shoes: Rainbow Sandals, Shirt: H&M, Scarf: F21, Belt: H&M


Brendon said...

You can buy pants that fit (lengthwise) from Target???? I've never looked, but maybe I should try. I can't imagine my 37" inseam is any longer than yours.


Anonymous said...

amazing photots! especially the last one..
"disgusting and fascinating" is the perfect way to describe this wall haha I look forward to visiting it one day!


Siobháin Autumn said...

Those pants are so cute! I would've never guessed they'd be from target!

- Siobhain