Monday, July 1, 2013


On June 28 I turned 28! My golden birthday! It was one of the more interesting and unique birthdays I've had seeing as I spent it in the Southern Hemisphere and away from any of my close family or friends since I was traveling for work. Nonetheless, it was a fun and happy and memorable day. In my opinion, any time I can spend exploring a new city is an amazing day. Highlights of the day (for better or worse) included: a trans-equatorial flight to Chile, lost luggage, rain (in June!), exploring & walking around Santiago, dealing with pre-production logistical nightmares for an approaching shoot, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers waiting in my hotel room, and a fabulous Peruvian-Japanese dinner with a great group of work colleagues.

I've always looked forward to turning 28 and I'm feeling incredibly grateful lately for the life I have. I feel satisfied and content and happy. And that is nice. Life has been good to me. Really, really good.