Monday, February 4, 2013

Wanderlust: New Orleans, Louisiana

I've always had a random fascination with the state of Louisiana. I say random because I have no family that lives there and no connections to any place near that part of the United States.  I've always just been drawn to this place in a sort of magical way. When I was in 3rd grade and we had to select a state to write a state report on, I chose Louisiana. When I came home and told my parents, they had the most puzzled look on their face and said, "Louisiana!?" Haha. With the Super Bowl recently happening in New Orleans, I thought I'd highlight this fascinating, historical, musical, artsy city.

Have you ever been to New Orleans? If so, what was your favorite part about the city?

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tini tani said...

Oh, so cool! I love it!
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Jenna said...

Jurgen and I are dying to visit New Orleans! Seems like such a vibrant and interesting city :)


SH said...

I've never been! But those pictures are beautiful.


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Love NoLa!!! Great pics!

Krystal said...

i can't wait to go there someday! i miss crawfish!

Southern Elle said...

We've lived here for 2 years.. but are from the South Bay. I have to say it's really grown on me.. and you should absolutely visit. But I can't wait to get home to LA. Every time I visit I want to kiss the ground.