Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hooded Denim

It turns out I'm a huge fan of olive cargo skinny pants and grey ankle boots in the winter. I find myself turning to this magic combination often these days. One thing I mentioned that I learned from my shopping fast is that it's okay to wear the same clothes over and over. Case in point.

Another style lesson for today? When in doubt, layer. Throwing on one of my old, ragged grey hoodies under this denim jacket took it to another dimension and I am pleased with the result.


Michelle said...

Ahhh love the combo of pink + cargo!


SH said...

Love this outfit!


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Looking good!

Laura Go said...

those booties are great!
♥ laura
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ririst chan said...

auowww.. Lovely Jacket..


Southern Elle said...

looks like a Hermosa Beach walkstreet? I love your blog! So good to see someone from my home on a blog! Special find.