Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wanderlust: The Pacific Northwest

Lately, I've been dreaming of the Pacific Northwest. I think it's my desire to cozy up in a big warm sweater and drink a hot beverage while I listen to rain drizzle outside. Instead, I'm here in Los Angeles where summer doesn't actually get started until July and tends to last well into October. Most days, I'm thrilled by the perfect beach weather, but staring at endless pictures of green, green, and more green makes me want to grab a pair of Hunter rain boots, hop on the next plane to Seattle, and frolic through the beautiful forests of the Pacific Northwest.

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Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

Oh my... I'd love to live in the P. NW! It's just amazing up there! The farthest I've been is to Redwood Park, but I did cross the border of Oregon. It just looks amazing. I guess I'm a woodsy kinda gal! Maybe that's why I live in NC. AND don't get me started on the Hunter rain boots, I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. AND by arrive, I mean someone to buy them for me since the hubby isn't on board yet. lol