Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Prudence

Monrow Scoop Neck Top - $98.00
Spot On Blouse - $38.00
Citizens of Humanity Avedon Luxury Corduroy Skinny Pants - $198.00
Pam Breeze-ly Tunic in Black and White - $34.99
Verona Knit - $39.00
Lovers and Friends Pretty Hearts Skirt - $148.00
In Living Monochrome Blazer - $79.99
Cashmere Hooded Longline Sweater - $198.00
Swish and Spin Skirt in Green - $42.99

There's a new aggregated shopping site in town. It's called Dear Prudence. Perhaps you've noticed that I tend to dress fairly modest. I don't believe in showing too much skin, mainly because I believe women should be noticed and respected for how they act, speak and work not by how "hot" they are. Which brings me to Dear Prudence. Dear Prudence is a shopping site that selects modest clothing styles from various shopping sites online and consolidates them all into one place. This is a great tool for those looking for stylish, modest clothing online. 

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Japolina said...

I love that tan tunic