Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wanderlust: London (and some travel tips)

A little over a year ago, Bradford and I traveled to London (we stopped by Scotland too). With the Olympics just around the corner, I've been feeling a little nostalgic for this foggy, regal and historical city. There is so much to see and learn in London. It's hard to do it all, but it's fun to try. London can be expensive which detracts a lot of young people from going, but I have three tips to make your trip to London enjoyable and affordable:

  1. Splurge on one good meal, preferably high tea which is a quintessentially British tradition (I recommend Richoux). For the rest of your meals, buy "picnic" food from Pret A Manger or Marks & Spencer (they're on every corner) and dine in a nearby park or garden.
  2. No shopping. Resist the temptation to bring home a suitcase filled with clothes from London. Even discount stores like TK Maxx aren't a great deal. Instead, take an afternoon to "window-shop" at Harrods. You can marvel at the beautiful displays and plan your future home (you know, when you're a billionaire and can afford to shop at Harrods).
  3. Use the public bike system. Not only will you save money on alternate forms of transportation, you'll get to enjoy some endorphin-inducing exercise and see the city from a different perspective. 
All photos c/o FEST


Jordan Jaked said...

I adore London. I lived in Kensington during the summer of 2010, and I swear that I left my heart there!! I took high tea at the Berkeley, ate picnic dinners in the parks (Regents, St. James', and Hollands), saw theatre, kept my shopping to a minimum, and just soaked up every moment.

I really hope to return several times after I finish graduate school and take care of my student loans. It's my favorite place in the world.

The Olympics are making me super nostalgic about it as well!

Brooke said...

I LOVE London, even though I haven't been there in years. Oh I love it. And thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I follow you too :)

Meera said...

I absolutely love London! I spent two weeks in the city this summer and it was lovely. These pictures are amazing!


Holly said...

i am a lover of London! and i was lucky and stayed with my cousin who was there for a teaching program. it saved us soo much money!! but no shoppin! :( it's too hard to ignore topshop

Mimi Finerty said...

I have a love hate relationship with London. As an ex Londoner who moved to Cyprus I know live somewhere very different and sometimes I yearn for all things London!! :)

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

I'm not a huge London fan, but would definitely return. LOVED Harrods though!!!

Taylor Laree said...

I've never been to London, but I WILL GO one day. Going to Pin these tips for my future Eurotrip!

Chris SA said...

London's a great city to explore on foot. There's just so much great places to see it's hard to know which ones are not to miss.

Chris from

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