Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Smiles

Today is going to be a great day. I have a bridal shower to attend in the morning, then I'm headed for the beach to watch the Hermosa Beach Open and hang out with friends and family. Happiness.

Here are some links from around the web that made me smile this week.

Currently loving this song (for all the LA lovers).

Harnessing the energy of teens for good.

Make your own lollipop!

I like this.

A collaboration of photos from Wednesday night's fabulous LA sunset.

Photo via.


Allison Taylor said...

Have fun at the bridal shower! Those are always a blast. And that homemade lollipop looks amazing! Definitely going to make some this week...

Gina said...

Have fun at the bridal shower. That is an AMAZING photo!

andrea brionne said...

love everything about that photo! i hope you enjoyed the bridal shower! i just had my own a couple weeks ago :)

andrea brionne

CamMi Pham said...

How was the bridal shower? that photo is beyond stunning adore it so much