Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Smiles

This morning, I attended a memorial service for a friend who died way too young of cancer. She was a strong, beautiful, funny, intelligent woman and even though I was more of a casual acquaintance than a close friend, she blessed my life and I feel lucky to have known her. Death is so difficult but it helps pop life into perspective like nothing else. This poem was shared at the service--it paints a beautiful picture and provides a helpful perspective on death.

In case you need some pick-me-ups today, below are some things from around the web that made me smile this week.

Why you should travel young.

A disturbingly accurate portrayal of what happens every time that Gotye song comes on the radio (skip to 0:20).

Great idea for what to do with old holiday cards.

16 party bar ideas.

These look awesome.

Pretty shoes.

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Kristina said...

that is a beautiful poem. i have lost one of my best friends to cancer last year - i still think of him every single day, he was such a beautiful person in every way...

Krystal said...

i loved that article on traveling young...and also, i just saw that gotye skit today and have it bookmarked to link to next w/e, it's so funny!!!

Emma Frances said...

LOVED the Gotye YouTube video. HILARIOUS! :] Thanks for sharing all of these! I am LOVING your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following!! AND omgoodness - this 16 party bar ideas site is INCREDIBLE. Would you mind if I also reference it on my site? (of course credit where credit is due) Love this, thanks for sharing!!