Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Halfway There!

Shirt: H&M, Jacket: J. Crew, Skirt: Fishbowl, Shoes: Vans, Scarf: H&M

You guys! I'm halfway through the challenge!! I've lasted six months without purchasing new clothes. While I have moments where I just wish I could buy one new shirt from H&M, like I said three months ago, this challenge has been a lot easier than I expected.

About a month ago, I complained to Bradford, "I feel like I'm starting to wear the same outfits over and over."

He replied, "Welcome to my world!"

I laughed out loud, of course, but then his comment made me think: Why do women tend to feel pressure to wear a new outfit every single day? If an outfit looks good and feels good on your body, what's wrong with wearing it a few times a month, or even, a few times a week?

As a five-year old, I distinctly remember one of my favorite outfits. It was a matching skirt and sweatshirt that had pink flowers and bunnies on the front of the sweatshirt. Looking back now, it sounds pretty hideous, but I loved it so much and always wanted to wear it. I didn't care if I had just worn the outfit the day before. I just knew that I felt good in that outfit with pink flowers and bunnies and wearing it made me happy.

When I started this challenge, I thought I would finally find a way to wear all the clothes that had been sitting in my closet, unworn for so long. While I have discovered some lost gems in the depths of my wardrobe, I've been surprised by the number of pieces that still remain untouched and unworn in my closet.

I knew that this challenge would save me money, but I've been surprised by how much it's helped me to define and refine my personal style. I used to be more of a chameleon, wearing a new style (and sometimes, a new personality) everyday.  I would rotate between being a casual surfer/tomboy one day, a feminine glamour girl the next, and an East Coast prepster the next). Now, I've discovered that I can actually incorporate all of these styles into one single outfit and not worry about fitting into a specific pre-defined style. Instead, I can just be me! I can't tell you how freeing this is. To top it off, getting dressed each morning is much more simple (not to mention the multiple personality disorder..ha!).

A good friend recently directed me to this fabulous article which points out some negative effects of the "cheap clothing revolution". I found myself nodding my head in agreement with the point that these days, even people without a lot of money have overflowing closets, yet most everything in our closets is just "a little bit off" in terms of fit. As much as I love a cute outfit and incorporating new trends into my clothing, being comfortable in everything I wear is the most important thing to me. 

I feel like I've only scratched the surface of the iceberg when it comes to my personal style philosophy, so I suppose it's a good thing I've got six more months of this challenge to go. By the way, it's not too late to join me. Even if you can't do it this month, feel free to join the challenge at any time in the future.

In case you're interested, here is an executive summary of the last 3 months of my wardrobe challenge:

Most Utilized Piece of Clothing From My Wardrobe: White T-shirt (seen here and here and here)
Greatest "re-discovery" from my own closet: Urban Outfitters Mint Purse (seen here)
Current Trend I Wish I Could Purchase: Neon!
Biggest Temptation: Honestly, nothing. (Seriously!)
Greatest Moments of Reassurance: Cleaning out my closet, giving away two bags of clothes and realizing I still have a closet full of things I don't wear

To read my 3 month update, click here.


Anonymous said...

I think it's admirable that you are doing this. Especially to save money and it's great to realize that having a lot of clothes, we tend to still wear the same things daily. Has this challenge prompted a new interest in style & fashion? Teri

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

you go girl!!! i think the beginning may be the toughest (or at least i'm hoping!) i've been SO tempted already! particularly with ashley from "the shine project" blog's threads line... i'm a sucker for a good cause! thanks for the inspiration. so excited to experience this with you in the next 6 months! xo

Rachael {all things beautiful} said...

Wow, I am so impressed by you!!! You are inspiring me to give this a try. I'm not sure I'd be up for 6 months BUT I definitely need to scale back from time to time. We're saving for a new house so right now is definitely a good time to do this. You've got me thinking girl! And love this oufit. So perfect for the 4th!

chachamisu said...

Wow I'm so proud of you! I'm sorry I haven't could to join you in the challenge. However I just moved a huge pile of old clothes from my homeland (Indonesia) to Austria and you inspire me to do kind of research to define my personal style and how to mix this clothes to different looks so I'm not bored. (By the way most of them are gifted from my sis, friends, etc.) Thankyou!

Krystal said...

you mean floral pants are not tempting??

Amanda. said...

Way to go Catherine! You always seem to come up with cute looks anyway :)

design roundup said...

Awesome job on your challenge! You look great! Happy Fourth!

Katie said...

I was thinking about that new-outfit-everyday thing recently. I was deciding what to wear and passed over a favorite outfit because the person I was seeing had already seen me in that outfit! Ridiculous. Glad the challenge is going so well!