Tuesday, June 26, 2012

An Invitation to Join The Challenge

Shirt: Target, Pants: Target: Shoes: Banana Republic, Necklace: Stella & Dot, Sunglasses: Target

Many of you know that I am currently in the midst of a year-long challenge to not purchase any new clothing.

I'm almost halfway through the challenge and so far, it is going GREAT. Not purchasing new clothes is so much easier than I thought it would be. This challenge has simplified my life and allowed me to focus on more important things and accomplish more. I'd love for you to experience my new-found simplicity and happiness so I'm extending an invitation for you to...

I want you. To join me. Stop shopping. Start living.

I know this probably goes against the biggest fashion blogger rule in the book (most fashion bloggers encourage their readers to buy more in order to keep sponsors happy), but I firmly believe that cutting spending and shopping habits can not only help you save money, it can push you to maximize your wardrobe and define your personal style. This, in turn, will enable you to make smarter and better clothing purchasing decisions in the future.

The challenge starts July 1.

You can start out small, if you like, and only commit to 1 month of no shopping.

OR, you can step it up a notch and commit to 3 months of no shopping. 

OR, you can go big and finish out the rest of the year with me. 6 months of no shopping.

If you're participating in the challenge, feel free to grab a button and post it to your blog. This will let others know that you're doing it, making you more likely to succeed. At the end of each month, I will host a link-up, allowing us to share our experiences with the challenge and support and encourage each other. 

Now, for my final question...


design roundup said...

Wow! I could probably give up a month of fashion shopping. I must say I enjoy saving more than spending, it makes me smile when I have some savings & zero debt. You sleep more peacefully ☺

Congrats on your success so far...you can do it!

Emily Devine said...

I'm so impressed you've given up shopping for a year! It's a great idea, I may attempt trying it out for a month.

And I did grow up in Manhattan Beach, such a small world!

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

you're up on my site! much love to you, cat! thanks for planting the seed :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cat-
Good for you doing this challenge. What prompted you? I've seen other fashion bloggers do this in the past, so i'm wondering if that inspired you. I would love to hear more about it. That would make a great post to diary how it's been for you.


Stefanie Cross said...

We are in over at The Forward Home! My readers and I are joining you for one month! Come check us out http://theforwardhome.blogspot.com/

Stesha said...

lady i give you credit!! go for it!


CamMi Pham said...

No purchase month is a good idea...ifirst came across it from frugalista...you really learn to work with what you have better :)

Vanessa {Vanilla and Rose} said...

I love this idea but seeing that I'm a clothing store manager, I highly doubt I'd be able to make it more than a month! :/

Chloe Moon said...

I wish I had the willpower for this!! =) Maybe a couple months I won't buy anything! =)


Kjirsten Embley said...

I am super excited. Just joined your adorable blog and can't wait {am slightly dreading} the FEST challenge! <3

Alyssa Warner said...

Even though I have pieces in my closet that I love, I always feel compelled to wear something different and buy new things. Reading about how you felt really opened my eyes and recognize that it's okay to wear the things you love as much as you want to.

I'm really inspired by your posts to try a challenge of my own. I just graduated college so I'm trying to build an "adult" wardrobe (lol), but I'm only going to buy 1 thing a month and really put some thought into what I'm buying.

Thanks so much for sharing your amazing journey.

Samantha said...

I love this concept!! Truly an inspirational idea, especially seeing how creative you were in 2012. I look forward to combing through your old posts!