Friday, June 8, 2012

A Higher Perspective

{View of Malibu and the Northern half of the Santa Monica Bay}
One of my favorite parts of traveling is actually flying in an airplane. This may sound crazy to some people, but I love the feeling of being in transit. There's something about the excitement of what's coming ahead that brings a fresh perspective and allows me to do some of my best thinking. In fact, the idea for FEST was born at 30,000 feet on a plane ride from New York to Los Angeles. 

I recently stumbled upon a link to 100 incredible views out of airplane windows. Yesterday on my way to Chicago, I snapped these pictures of Los Angeles just after take-off, but I hope to someday broaden my own collection of airplane window snapshots with ones that look similar to those in the link. It's amazing how different and vast the geography of the world is.
{View of Dodger Stadium and Chavez Ravine}


Rachael said...

That first picture is gorgeous! I would necessarily say I 'like' flying but I definitely don't mind it like some people do. I do love watching the land below disappear during take off though. Happy weekend!


rooth said...

I don't like flying - something about being confined in a small space for any amount of time gets me antsy and feeling like a captive audience. However, I do like flying home and recognizing the skyline. It makes my heart feel at peace

Leighana said...

I love that feeling of being in transit too! Also, the fact that when you're in a plane you're literally not even on the planet earth anymore is wild. It's an experience that can change your perspective on how big you are in the universe.