Thursday, May 17, 2012

Packing Light, Part 1

I've always appreciated and enjoyed packing light for trips. In travel, there's plenty of chaos and potential obstacles that are out of your control and I find that keeping the things I can control as simple as possible gives me less anxiety and keeps me calm. As a result, I enjoy the trip more. 

Most recently I traveled to Phoenix, AZ and here are the things I took with me. 

On the plane I wore a simple outfit of cropped colored pants and a white tee. Flip-flops and no belt helped to ensure a speedy trip through airport security.
The temperature forecast was as high as 102 degrees, which meant there was no need for bulky sweaters or jackets. (I still brought a cardigan on the plane in case it got cold.)

I brought 5 pairs of shoes, which seems like a lot, but I actually wore every single one of them. Shoes do an incredible job of changing up the entire look of an outfit. If you're looking to create some versatile outfits on your next trip, I recommend skimping on the clothes you pack and leaving more room in your suitcase for shoes.

Another great tip for packing light: bring at least one or two scarves. They take up barely any room in your suitcase and can be worn a variety of ways. Win-Win.

Lastly, bring items you can mix and match. I like to have a couple colorful statement pieces and keep everything else neutral.
For those who love lists as much as I do, here is the full breakdown:

2 pairs of flip-flops
1 pair strappy sandals
1 pair ballet flats
1 pair boat shoes

1 pair cropped colored denim pants
1 pair denim shorts

3 plain t-shirts (1 green, 2 white)
1 button-down shirt

2 light-weight skirts
1 sundress

1 skinny Belt
1 scarf
1 sarong (can also double as a scarf or light blanket)

1 swimsuit
1 pair pajamas

*Not pictured: underwear, toiletries, make-up and jewelry

Stay tuned next week to see what I brought in my carry-on purse. 


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

My favorite time to travel would definitely have to be spring and summer. It is much easier to travel light during these seasons, unlike winter where you need to make sure you have a jacket, sweater and other whatnots. I like to wear neutral colors too and pair them off with fun accessories to make the whole outfit pop. =)

Vanessa. said...

I love to travel and I miss to make the bags to go somewhere!

miss b said...

I do try to travel light by taking neutrals and mix and match outfits but never seem to quite manage it - I always pack too many shoes!! I also find scarves useful too.

O'Keeffe Country said...

I love packing LIGHT! Here is a post I wrote about what to take to Hawaii...

rooth said...

I try to pack smart as well because I hate lugging heavy luggage. I will be visiting Phoenix soon and will have to take away some tips from you

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I am a HORRIBLE packer. I always overpack like crazy!

A and B said...

Love seeing how other people pack! I'm loving that striped dress!