Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cafe Rio Pulled Pork Mexican Salad

Yesterday, I threw a Memorial Day party. Instead of BBQing, I pre-made some pulled pork and created a Mexican-style salad bar. It was a big hit. The salad recipes are inspired by a restaurant called Cafe Rio that has somewhat of a cult following in the Western United States. For me, the creamy tomatillo dressing is what makes this salad.

In the coming days, I'll be sharing the recipes for the sweet pulled pork, cilantro lime rice and creamy tomatillo dressing. Everything else (tortilla, cheese, black beans, shredded romaine, mango salsa, parmesan cheese, lime wedges) are simple ingredients that can be store-bought.

Cafe Rio Pulled Pork Mexican Salad


Tortilla (I like to use the uncooked flour tortillas from Costco)
Shredded Mexican cheese
Cilantro lime rice
Black beans
Sweet Mexican Pulled Pork
Shredded romaine lettuce
Mango-peach salsa
Parmesan cheese
Creamy tomatillo dressing (recipe coming soon)
Lime wedges


Melt cheese on cooked tortilla in the microwave or on the stove. Layer all remaining ingredients in the order listed above. Enjoy.


april@gingerbread said...

YUM!!! I posted this to my FB page!

rooth said...

This looks quite wonderful - yummm. Can't wait for the pulled pork recipe

Poelmans said...

Now D is gonna be even more bummed we couldn't make it yesterday! Looks divine.

Holly said...

that sounds extremely Delicious!

The Inspiration Files said...

OMG! Pulled Pork- I could eat it everyday! What a nice switch up for Memorial Day!

Anonymous said...

Oh this sounds heavenly! Looking forward to the sweet pulled pork recipe! xox

Emma said...

I've never heard of pulled pork before! Looking forward to the recipe...waiting in anticipation!!! xx

Courtney said...

Oh my word that looks delicious! I need to try that!

tuttepazzeperibijoux said...

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Lissy said...


Anonymous said...

I am 100% making this ASAP. Sounds easy to make!

ginanorma said...

sounds perfect, I think I will use Chicken instead though!! And would love that tomatillo dressing recipe:o

alisia E. said...

I LOVE Cafe Rio!!! I am now your newest follower, thanks for stopping by my blog!

xx, alisia e