Monday, April 2, 2012

3-Month Wardrobe Challenge Update

Jeans: Gap, Sandals: Gap, Shirt: H&M, Scarf as Headband: purchased from a local Garage Sale, Belt: H&M, Purse: H&M

It's been 3 months since I made a commitment to not buy any clothes for one year and I'd like to give a quarterly update. I'll do this again after 6 months, 9 months and 1 year.

Q1 2012 FEST Wardrobe Challenge Quarterly Report

First, I would like to say that I am so glad I decided to take on this challenge. I have not once regretted my decision. This challenge has allowed me to discover new outfit combinations within my own closet and it has pushed me to focus on all elements of my style, not just clothing. It's amazing how changing up your hair, make-up or accessory combination can change your entire look.

More than the style-focused benefits of this challenge, however, not being able to buy any clothes has allowed me to focus my time and energy on more productive endeavors.

Many people have asked me, "Have you been tempted to buy any clothes?" Yes. Of course I have. The first 6 weeks of this challenge were going very well and then I walked into a department store to replenish my dwindling make-up supply. It felt like everywhere I looked, there was an adorable piece of clothing staring me in the face saying, "Buy me. I'm exactly the dress/shirt/skirt you've been looking for!" But I made it out of the store. Quickly.

I've had other tempting moments too, but slowly those feelings of temptation have turned into feelings of freedom. The other day I walked into H&M to buy a baby gift and I felt great knowing exactly what I was going to purchase and not having to be burdened by a potential impulsive financial decision that I might later regret.

For the sake of full disclosure, I decided early on that I would not turn down gifts. I mean, that's just rude, right? Since the first goal of this challenge is to save money, I feel that I am staying true to the reason for this challenge. So far this year, I have received one skirt and one shirt as a gift. (Both are from my wonderful, beautiful and stylish Mom.)

Additionally, I recently salvaged several items from my Mom's wardrobe that were about to make their way to the local Goodwill store. This has helped broaden my wardrobe, but I still find that I usually go back to my most trusted wardrobe staples, like my dark-wash jeans, white t-shirt, olive ballet flats and, of course, my black skinny belt.

I think that's the secret to a great wardrobe: having good-quality, dependable and well-fitting staples, then adding statement pieces that reflect your own personality and lifestyle.

I'll conclude with an executive summary:

Most Utilized Piece of Clothing From My Current Wardrobe: Black Skinny Belt

Most Underestimated Piece of Clothing from My Current Wardrobe: Bright Yellow Pullover Sweater (seen here)

Greatest "Re"-discovery From My Own Closet: Grey Pouffy-Sleeve Shirt (seen here)

Current Trend I Wish I Could Purchase: Colored Denim (I really want a pair of bright green skinny jeans!)

Biggest Tempation: a pair of wide-leg linen trousers from H&M (I was shopping with my sister and actually took them off the shelf and walked around with them for about 5 minutes.)

Greatest Moments of Reassurance: Not once feeling like "I have nothing to wear" and my monthly updates reminding me of the money I still have in my bank account


Michelle P said...

I need to do this challenge as well. Seems like it's working great!

Carrie said...

Inspiring post! I am embarking on a shopping ban, so it's great to hear how well it's worked out for you. :)

Redheaded Daybook said...

super cute fit girl! and that bag is super cute too!

ps. your a very brave soul with your not buying clothes for a year. inspirational as well! I wouldn't be able to do it thats for sure lol.

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

wow. this is fantastic!! i might have to commit to this. might being the key word. maybe after a shopping spree? ;)

just kidding.
this is awesome. so happy to have found you! (or so glad you found me!)

Emma Frances said...

This is seriously inspiring! I might have to take on this challenge next year after I lose some of the baby weight and make sure I have some of the basic staples in my wardrobe that still fit post-baby! Haha.

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