Friday, March 16, 2012

I Really Love My Black Skinny Belt

One of my goals in starting this blog and attempting my wardrobe challenge was to identify key wardrobe staples that I find both functional and beautiful. I'd like to share these discoveries with you, so periodically I'll be posting about items from my wardrobe that I really love, along with links to where you can find similar items online.

The first item I'd like to feature is my black skinny belt. You may have noticed I wear this little accessory a lot. The obvious utility of a belt is great, but the beautiful way it ties an outfit together is what makes me coming back to this wardrobe staple just about every other day. Like a ribbon wrapped around a present, a good belt makes everything in an outfit look connected.

Below are some examples of ways that I’ve styled my black skinny belt. (Click on the picture to go to the original post.)

And below are some of my favorite online options for this timeless, functional, and classy accessory:

1. Patent leather skinny belt - J.Crew - $36.50
2. Skinny double-band belt - Gap - $29.95
3. BDG skinny braided leather belt - Urban Outfitters - $20.00
4. Bow skinny belt - ASOS - £8.00

P.S. My belt is from H&M (similar, off-white version can be found here). 


Alyx said...

All of these outfits are so cute!

Mal said...

Such a versatile little accessory! Love all the looks

Mal @ The Chic Geek

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Love all of the looks!