Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2012 Spring Style Wish List

Here it is. The things I would probably buy if I weren't so obsessed with saving money. It was a little painful to make, but maybe it will inspire you to buy some cute things this spring. Enjoy! (I promise I'm not getting paid by Zara, though I wish I were!)

1. Zara Printed Shirt - $59.90
2. Zara Floral Print Handkerchief - $59.90
3. Zara Red Blouse - $59.90
4. Zara Double Zip Bowling Bag - $79.90
6. H&M Black/White Blouse - $17.95
7. H&M Starfish Ring - $3.95
8. Zara Slim Pop Trousers - $79.90
9. NARS Barbarella Lipstick - $24.00
10. Zara Shiny Strappy Sandal - $49.90
11. Zara Cutwork Ballerina Flat - $69.90


Stesha said...

you will be one hot looking lady!!! i will be jealous of your closet!


Beth @ the city said...

what a great wish list. I'm digging the colors!

Shelby said...

I totally love 6! H&M is such a great store.

Anonymous said...

basically this post confirms i need to get to zara asap!

i was just actually thinking yesterday about how bad i miss nars cosmetics :( we dont have them in norway!!!!