Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I've been mildly obsessing over Madewell's Spring Preview lately. It's probably not a very healthy obsession, especially because of the whole "I can't buy clothes all year" thing (ha!), but I've felt very inspired by these looks. There is a lot of mix & match and I'm positive I can re-create some of these looks with the clothes already existing in my own closet.

Anybody else excited for spring?


Brooklyn said...

Love the colors and this post makes me excited about spring / summer time!

Brooklyn said...

Ahhhh! Jealous you actually lived in Alcala there for a while! I loved it when I visited my friend Natalie - such a magical city and close enough to Madrid! Did you ever eat/drink at Rusty's Tavern? Her husband's family owns it and if you go must swing by for a beer / tapas! :)

Miss Kenzie said...

i love the colors!! and that green dress is awesome! and those royal blue flats...i want!