Monday, January 23, 2012


Pants: Jolt, Shirt: H&M, Jacket: J. Crew, Scarf: Canal Street in New York, Shoes: Steve Madden, Sunglasses: Target

I was feeling a little spunky this weekend so I put on my happy pants, popped my collar and practiced my ninja skills. For real though, denim jackets worn right are always in style. Popped collars and rolled sleeves are the secret to looking cool. Oh, and sunglasses. Those help too.

To read more about my wardrobe challenge, click here.


Monse Fuentes said...

i love the pants!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment on my blog! You pull off bangs so well. I'm jealous!

Miss Kenzie said...

SUCH a cute outfit! and i LOVE the sunglasses. target has the best:)


Heather Belle said...

Haha yeah sunglasses usually help with the cool factor ;)

Sara said...

Nice photos and really cool outfit, you look great, I love your pants, what a great color and that jacket is so nice, the perfect touch to the outfit also you are really beautiful and your flats rock! You have an awesome blog by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!
Also make sure to enter my 100$ giftcard giveaway to spend at Shopbop.

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

Maiken said...

love the colour of your pants and those flats are also cute.
thanks for the comment and follow too. I followed back and hope to hear more from you soon :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Kym ((bitty)) said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment!
you look great here! i really love the colored pants paired with stripes. very chic.

The Midwest Muse said...

these pants are insane! INSANELY beautiful. I am not cool enough for colored pants, but you look wonderful in them. I'm going to go read about your wardrobe challenge because I love a good challenge!

Kayla said...

YOU are fantastic. This outfit is fantastic. I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the challenge!

Freckles in April

Baby Shopaholic said...

This look is me! Huge fan of jean jackets! I actually just purchased the same color jeans, maybe the same brand...

preethi said...

LOVE those pants!

lace, etc.

Fashion By Alicia said...

Love the color of those pants. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I agree about the jean jacket. You are rocking it.

Catherine Robinson said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and your kind words...I've enjoyed reading yours too!

Rebecca from See Me Rwar said...

I love your outfit! The stripes look so cute with your colored denim!

See Me Rwar

Melody said...

hahaa the second picture is awesome! I love your peach pants!

Katie Quarterman said...

That's a wicked sidekick you got there.

I really like looking through your blog, you have so much fun in your photos and they always come out looking lovely.
You have such a great sense of style, it really matchs your personalitly and says who you are, which I really admire.

Bryttan said...

I am in love with this getup. 100%. You may see a girl walking the streets and think, "Wow! she stole my clothes out of my closet!" And then realize that in fact, she did not. She only copied you like a copycat. And then you will think to yourself/mumble under your breath, "Wow. What a jerk." That girl could very possibly be yours truly. But I'd hope you would just take it as a compliment on your great sense of style instead. Enjoying the blog. Thanks.